INEX Warm Edge Spacer



The INEX spacer is created of a thermoplastic resin PVC. This technology provides a high performance thermal barrier at the "warm edge" of an IG unit, resulting in less heat loss and no frost or condensation buildup around the window. The appearance of condensation around the widow's edge is a warning sign of future rot and mold buildup. That, however, is not the only problem with condensation or frost; inefficient windows also result in expensive energy bills. With heating and fuel prices at an all time high, saving money through energy efficiency is a top priority, and there is no better long term solution than windows installed with the INEX spacer. Residential consumers can rest assured that our spacers will provide them with a long term, cost-efficient solution, along with a home that has a smaller carbon footprint. Environmentally, our spacers are recyclable, thus lowering the environmental impact they will have once they reach the end of their usage cycle.

Manufacturers are also looking for ways to lower their costs while still offering their customers the best possible options when purchasing their windows. The INEX spacer is installed traditionally, so no additional investment in the form of machinery or staff training is required.

We firmly believe our product is simply the best option for both consumer and manufacturer based on its appealing design, competitive cost, and superior performance.

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