Aluminium Spacer Bars

aluminium spacer bars 01The majority of Spacer Bar used in the UK is Aluminium, the range of sizes starts at 5.5mm and goes up to 23.5mm. Aluminium Spacer Bar is available in a number of different finishes and colours starting with ‘Mill finish’ which is basically uncoated Aluminium, the other options are Anodised and Painted top.

There are 2 different types of Aluminium Spacer Bar available in the UK, one being ‘Front Welded Spacer’ which is Laser welded on the front of the profile, the other option which is ‘Back Welded Spacer’, this product is induction welded on the back of the profile.

Rocplas also supply Aluminium Spacer Bar which is designed to be used on a Spacer Bar Bending Machine, this is what’s called ‘Bendable Spacer Bar’, this product is also available in the different colours and finishes mentioned above.



aluminium spacer bar table

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